Forge App – Major Project.


I’m a big fan of building computers but my memories of learning how do so were not pleasant. With so many inconsistent sources of information dotted around the internet, it’s hard to find the information that’s right for you. So for my major project I decided to condense all of the knowledge a beginner would need to built their first PC down into one easy-to-use and understand app.

Click below for the interactive Forge low fidelity prototype:


Semester 1

Below you can find four case studies that go over the steps I took during my first semester to create the Forge app.

Image with a bar chart showing that YouTube is the biggest learning hub for building a PC


Image that shows the brand guidelines of Forge


Image that shows some content that will be in the Forge app


Image that shows some wireframes for the Forge app

Wireframes & Mockups

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I’m currently open to opportunities both freelance and full-time so drop me a line if you have any projects I can help with.

. Conor Hewitt
. Interaction Designer