SmartStop – RSA Submission


Many areas in the UK have on average a 1000 bus stops per 100,000 people and with over 90% of the population seeing a bus stop ad at least once a week, that is a lot of eyes that could potentially be looking at helpful information. So for my RSA submission I created SmartStop, a smart display that shows useful information depending on the different demographics that are present throughout the day.

SmartStop Screen Mockup
SmartStop title page
This image covers the problem, process and solution SmartStop aims for.
Image that shows the general information that SmartStop will provide. These areas include: The time, weather and bus times.
Image that shows the areas that SmartStop will help School Children. These areas include: exam help, helplines, youth groups and career guidance
Image that shows the moodboard I created for SmartStop
Image that shows a title of supporting material
Image that covers the areas SmartStop will cover for homeless people. They include, soup kitchen locations, charity outreach programmes, Helplines and Advice and tips
Image showing how SmartStop will help the elderly. These areas include: Community Events/Clubs. Helplines and Medical Advice
Image with SmartStops brand guidelines, it covers the colours, logos and typography
Image of real life mockups of the SmartStop application
Image of a business case for SmartStop, covering how I would monetise it

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. Conor Hewitt
. Interaction Designer